Queen abi v - Queen Barb

Abi v queen Kangaroo called

Love Island fans praise 'underrated queen' Abi as Dale goes behind her back

Abi v queen Queen Barb

At 49, curvy slay mama Milena is acclaimed as 'World's Sweetest Woman'

Abi v queen Love Island

Abi v queen Puabi

Kangaroo called Queen Abi hugs ranger that saved her

Abi v queen The Queen

Abi v queen The Queen

Abi v queen At 49,

Abi v queen Ashkan Roayaee

Abi v queen Queen

The footage, which has been seen by more than one million people since it was posted on June 11, shows ranger Chris 'Brolga' Barns being approached by a small kangaroo before leaning down and receiving a heartwarming embrace from her....

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